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SH-CTP series positive thermal CTP plate technical data:

Plate type: positive thermal CTP plate
Application: commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing
Plate substrate: Use the fine aluminum plate with electrochemically graining, anodized oxidization, and hydrophilic treatment
Wave length: 830nm
Exposure energy: 120~140mj/cm 
Resolution: 1~99% (250lpi)
Run-length: 50,000 ~ 100,000 (before baking), 200,000+ (after baking)
UV ink applicability: can be used after baking
Guarantee period: 18 months
Storage condition: keep it in dry and cool place, the recommended temperature: 5~30℃, RH: 40%~80%

The recommended developing condition:

Developer: SHO-HONG CTP developer
Replenishment solution: SHO-HONG CTP replenishment solution
Developing temperature: 22~25 ℃
Developing time: 20~40s
Brush speed: 100~120 r/min
Replenishment: 80~120ml/m2 (Dynamic)      
                         80~100 ml/hr (Static)
Baking: compatible with all brands CTP baking solution
Temp.: 220 ~ 240℃, Time: 4 min
Run length is always dependent on exposure, developing, processing and printing conditions


1.      Unique formulation design
2.      High resolution
3.      High sensitivity
4.      Long run-length
5.      Stable quality
6.      A wide latitude in operating condition, convenient bright room operation

Add:No.1000, Linxian Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai,China. P.C.: 201505
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