Add:No.1000, Linxian Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai,China
P.C.: 201505
General Manager: (86)21-33692288
Sales Department: (86)21-33692286
Export Department: (86)21-33692298
Fax: (86)21-33692299


Shanghai Sho-hong Offset Plates & Supplios Co , Ltd regard service as a part of our product . We not only give customers high -quality products , but also provide customers with good service . In our work , we always follow the principles of "Three Firsts"to treat customers'worries as the first sign to improve our work , to take customers'expectations as the first responsibility in fulfilling our missionsúČand to hold customers ' satisfaction as the first norm in our pursuit for excellence .

Before-Sale Service : We listen attentively to our Customers ' demand , and give professional answer and the best solution to them .

In-Sale Service : We serve customers. In order to let customers know the correct usage of our products, we not only help our customers adjust our products to get the best printing result,but also we give them relative training.
After-Sale Service:We care about customers'benefit and needs.After the goods are sold out, we provide necessary after-sale service.

In short,we listen,we serve and we care.

Add:No.1000, Linxian Road, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai,China. P.C.: 201505
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